• A Month of Milestones

    How quickly time flies. How quickly moments come and go. Aside from being my birthday month, September has been a month of beautiful, memorable milestones for my baby daughter, Arya, who turned ...

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    A Month of Milestones
  • Preparing for Baby’s Arrival

    Throughout March and well into the first week of April 2016, I dedicated most of my free time to preparing for the arrival of our baby girl. I still worked full time and did not go on leave until the ...

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    Preparing for Baby’s Arrival
  • My Pregnancy Truths

    Looking back at the past year and the first quarter or so of 2016, I must admit that pregnancy is not all about hearts, roses and cuddles. I shall be very honest and say that I am one of those ...

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    My Pregnancy Truths
  • The Mommy Abroad Reloaded

    Welcome to The Mommy Abroad, reloaded. That is, this is not the first time I have created a "mommy blog." It was late in November 2014, seemingly a lifetime ago, when I found out I was seven weeks ...

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    The Mommy Abroad Reloaded

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