A Month of Milestones

How quickly time flies. How quickly moments come and go.

Aside from being my birthday month, September has been a month of beautiful, memorable milestones for my baby daughter, Arya, who turned five (5) months old a couple weeks back.

1. Sitting
She could bring herself to a seated position. That is, she has grown strong enough to move her upper body upward on her own and sit. She could not hold this for a long time and still requires support after, but it’s a start. I first observed this during her bath last 15 September, when she brought her torso up and reached for her rubber duckie in the tub.

2. Kissing
I have taught my baby to kiss, at least in her own way. She mostly licks my and her daddy’s cheeks to reciprocate our kisses. She does this with a smile and in great relish 🙂

3. Talking
Arya has started uttering single syllables since last month, around the time she turned four (4) months old. She said “je, je, je” a lot late in August and into September. Midway this month, however, she said “Mah-Meh” very clearly for the first time. She now likes repeating this occasionally during bath time and when I am dressing her.

My husband and I have also recently bought her a walker to help her learn how to take her first steps. She enjoys her new gear tremendously and loves the feeling of being able to cruise around the house on her own two feet, not to mention having something shiny, large and new to chew.

Image credit: Pixabay

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